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China is well on the way to being a market leader in wind energy and ZF is already there, in the established Tianjin facility and the satellite plant in Beijing. The European trained Chinese staff includes designers and technicians all eager able to provide a top class service worldwide. PES brings you

Our industry continually strives to get better, smarter energy. Research and development means there are always new innovations on the market. PES brings you the latest in fast response sensors from EKO, for measuring solar radiation due to various cloud conditions. This plays an important part in the quality of converted energy

A new company with a pioneering concept - the Zbridge. PES is always on the look out for new and innovative ideas and we are sure this will not disappoint you. Read on to find out more

Ferroamp, a Swedish company founded in 2010, has developed a unique system that takes the integration of PV power and energy storage in facilities, to a new level. The product concept is based on a unique approach for managing phase unbalance in three phase systems. PES went to find out more about

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