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PES had a very interesting conversation with Dirk Tegtmeyer, one of the founders of Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH. Quality, customisation, a real interest in the technology and continually striving to reach the next level, along with staff driven by the same aim, is what keeps this successful company at the top.

PES is delighted to bring you this latest advanced technology solution from ZF Wind Power. Over the last few years total wind turbine noise, which is mainly generated by the interaction of the wind and the wind turbine structure, has changed from being one of the properties of a wind turbine to

Brett Jarman, VP Commercial Business Development at Sunflare spared time to share the company’s vison with PES. Their panels are unique and they are now spending equal time developing commercial and residential solutions. They are super light, can be customized, low on emissions and can be installed in places which were previously

The UK’s offshore wind sector is racing ahead. With the offshore wind market rapidly expanding, the demand for equipment and services to support its growth is sure to rise with it. The UK is the leader in offshore wind production as well as having an established track record in exporting physical manufactured

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