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PES brings you a preview from the leading international wind energy expo, which expects more than 1,200 exhibitors. It is the largest international business platform onshore and offshore and reflects the global market and the whole of the value chain. It is the meeting point for decision makers from all parts of

Kees van den Bos, Director of Hukseflux Thermal Sensors, dropped in to PES to tell us about the latest developments in solar radiation sensors and the quest to take measurement to the next level. We started off by talking about how it all started

The latest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology allows swift, thorough inspections to assess turbines. Drones can be used either as part of routine reporting or for detailed inspections in preparations for rope access teams. This has many significant health and safety benefits for the technical teams in terms of assuring all anchor points are secure and

Offshore wind turbines suffer from severe corrosion and with limited access to them, the choice of the right corrosion protection is crucial. The most widely used protection methods are anti-corrosion coatings, often in combination with cathodic protection (in the submerged zone). However, these coatings often suffer from premature failure due to mechanical

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