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In recent weeks, the UK offshore wind community welcomed the UK Government’s new Offshore Wind Sector Deal – which will see £250 million being invested into the sector. Emma Harrick, Business Development Manager for Renewables at A&P Group tells PES what it means for her company and the wind industry in general. The

With over 500 GW of installed capacity, photovoltaic power generation has long since become a global industry. Financial and economic interests depend on the reliable production of PV energy. The German PV expert, Solare Datensysteme, has specialized in monitoring PV power generation since 2007. Solar-Log™ data loggers and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Sputter deposition is a technology for the surface treatment of substrates. The technique is based on ion bombardment of a target, resulting in a vapor. One of the most common approaches for growing thin films by sputter deposition is the use of a magnetron source, in which positive ions present in the

Dr Rob Grant FRSC, CEO at Gas Recovery and Recycle Limited, dropped in on PES to bring us up to date on their argon recycling process. They have experienced tremendous growth already and more is expected. The ArgonØ ¬™ is good for the environment and through recycling, delivers cost reductions to companies

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