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Our renewable electricity energy needs are growing in a world that is constantly evolving. The market requires more renewable energy for less money. The reduction of government subsidies means that the industry needs to start looking for ways to increase its efficiency. More energy for less money There are different possibilities for lowering the

High purity argon (greater than 99.999%) is used as a shield gas in the production of silicon ingots, to be fabricated into wafers for solar cells and micro-electronic devices. The argon is used to control the impurity levels present during the manufacturing process to an acceptable level. In response to rising costs,

More and more with the growth of wind farms in the North Sea, depots in convenient locations that offer fast and efficient services are imperative to ensure continuous power generation in the face of an emergency or breakdown. PES wanted to find out more about Cargostore, who as the world’s largest operator

The drivetrain of a wind turbine generator is an expensive but important component of the energy generating system. It’s composed of the main bearing, main shaft, gearbox, brake, generator shaft, and generator. The multi-physical complexity of this arrangement and the expense involved in downtime and maintenance due to failure, ensures that it

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