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Procuring a solar energy system with battery storage helps homeowners protect the climate and reduce their energy costs. VARTA now offers several new features that allow consumers not only to store the surplus energy, but to manage their total energy consumption, including EV charging and heating water. Compatible with systems of other

PES met up with Mads Poulsen, Sales and Chartering Manager, Esbjerg, Denmark, to find out the latest news from BBC Chartering. Esbjerg is a prime location for offshore wind. Components are increasingly bigger, providing a challenge and risk assessment remains a priority. PES: Hi Mads, it’s great to have you back. As always,

Hamburg-based trading company, WINDSOURCING.COM, reaches customers in the wind industry worldwide via its online presence. Seher Kaygusuz, their Business Development, Marketing and Sales manager, dropped into PES to update us on what is happening in this expanding company. Business is good and more and more partnerships are forming, which in turn provide customers

A wind turbine that has reached the end of its designed service life does not necessarily have to be shut down and dismantled. Using suitable methods and tools as well as the necessary competence and experience, independent experts today are able to assess whether a plant has service life reserves after the

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