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PES met up with Holger Dechant, CSO at Universal Transport, to learn about their new slogan and the risks involved in oversized component transportation. It’s really not as simple as it looks. PES: Welcome back to PES. Thanks for talking with us. We know the wind industry is an expanding sector, how

Global wind capacity is set to double by 2027, and the United States is in the midst of the most lucrative time to increase production of wind energy. Renewable companies are fueled by an urgency to capture tax subsidies and currently in many parts of the country; wind is the cheapest source

Demand for glass/glass PV module construction is growing due to the inherent benefits that allow both the back and front panel of the module to produce electricity. This is especially true in highly reflective environments like deserts, near water, rooftops, and above parking lots. The dual layers of glass also reduce the

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO Singulus Technologies AG, caught up with PES to tell us about the latest business activities and technology.This is a company which makes a significant contribution to the solar/PV market. It is innovative and always strives to improve performance and save costs. PES: Welcome back to PES Solar/PV magazine. Thanks

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