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Our climate is changing. Extreme weather events will become the new standard, temperatures are rising around the globe. Only a few degrees more already means immense consequences for ecosystems, economic sectors and human health across Europe and worldwide. The WWF analyzed that climate change causes around half of all animal and plant

Part of A. Silva Matos Group, founded in 1980, a family owned Portuguese Industrial Group operating in the steel industry worldwide, ASM Industries (ASMI) is a holding company that operates in the manufacturing of steel equipment for the renewable and marine industries. The company is nowadays a reference in the supply chain

Solar panel manufacturers strive to minimize cost and maximise efficiency of their modules. Their success is confirmed by the substantial decrease in $/Wp factor for the modules. In 2006, crystalline silicon based module prices were approximately 5.2$/Wp. By 2017, this had dropped to 0.42$/Wp, over an order of magnitude decrease in ten

Backsheets are the important components of a solar PV panel. It is essential that they are of high quality to avoid degradation, unnecessary maintenance, and replacements, which all add to the costs and in turn decrease the user’s profit margin. PES gets the latest from Bischof + Klein on their new generation

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