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The use of digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data management and predictive analytics are changing the status quo of the energy market. An increasing number of wind farm operators are starting to implement these techniques, so as to control their costs. But, if the implementation of predictive maintenance is one

When it comes to sourcing an accommodation solution, which meets the requirements of all stakeholders in a renewable energy operation, the most successful approach is to work with an experienced partner. With wind farms increasingly being planned further from shore, daily transfers of technicians and crew members via vessels are becoming a

PES had a great catch-up with Ola Svensson, Head of Project Department at MMT Sweden AB. The Swedish culture permeates this company, where safety and employee well-being are of paramount importance. This company has expanded from being a one-man band to an over 200 strong work force. Their survey solutions have expanded

It might not surprise the reader that wind turbines, blades, etc. need to be inspected intelligently to avoid faults turning into unnecessary problems, and to keep inspection costs at a minimum. But there is always news to tell when it comes to how to do it better. Asset inspections are in the

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